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Woven Attitude aims to modernize traditional rug icons with a contemporary palette.The subtle Nordic feel and has been incorporated in the creation of this collection. The collection features legendary designs such as the tree of life & the persian garden. These designs redefined in contemporary colors posses such a timeless quality that we are obliged to call them " Legends of tomorrow"

All carpets featured in this collection are hand made on the legendary Persian weave.

We have a close working relationship with many fine artisans of the Persian weave, and can therefore meet almost any design, colour and size requirement of our esteemed customers. We only use fine quality natural fibers such as wool and silk to handcraft these timeless masterpieces. Woven Attitude offers custom solutions in a wide variety of  intricate Persian designs.

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The Persian weave is the most famous and ancient carpet knotting method in the world. The asymmetrical Persian knot has always been preferable for designs with higher resolution. The method involves wrapping one end of the yarn around a single warp, and then taking the other end loosely beside the adjacent warp, before cutting both ends. Thus knot by knot the intricate design emerges, and it can take between 4 to 6 months to complete a carpet. Many legendary fine antique carpets exhibited in museums all over the world were created on the Persian weave. The most famous among these legends is the Pazyryk Carpet.  The Pazyryk Carpet was excavated in 1949 from the grave of a Scythian nobleman in the Pazyryk Valley of the Altai  Mountains in Siberia and dates back to 400 BC. 

The Pazyryk Carpet
The Bokhara
Silk Bidjar
Bidjar Fine
Bidjar Classic
Silk Garden
The Garden


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