Bespoke Service

weave your own unique story

Custom-made carpets

While at an oriental art exhibition, you must have wondered, why no two handmade carpets look alike. Every handmade carpet, with its intricate patterns and vibrant colours, tells a unique story. A story that reflects the life of the artisans who pour their soul in the making of the masterpieces. With our bespoke carpet service we wish to provide you with the opportunity to weave your own unique story in a handmade carpet. Togather we strive to translate your vision into creative and  inspirational designs which are in harmony with your lifstyle.


Design from scratch

We have a wide variety of designs in our archives. Our Signature collections are  comprised of floral, linear, geometric, or just plain organic patterns. We can alter any one of these designs to accomodate your requirements of size and color. We can also start from scratch and borrow your ideas to create a completely new deisgn.

Carpets for Private Home & Commercial Use

We employ some of the finest artisans of the trade and can therefore meet almost any size, quality or quantity requirement by our esteemed customers. We only use fine quality natural fibers for our Handmade Carpets, and can therefore produce extremely Durable Handmade Carpets. Whether you are looking for carpets for a Private Home or Commercial Use (Retail stores, Public Office, Government Buildings, Hotels) , Woven Attitude can provide Fine Quality Durable Carpets to meet your demands.




Bespoke Handmade Carpets