Coconut and Jute

Coir (coconut fiber)

Our commitment to all natural and  sustainable  production of carpets continues.

We are proud to add another series of carpets made from natural coconut fibers to our portfolio..

Since their appearence in the factories during the harsh days of the  industrial revolution, rugs and mats  made of coir have been a standard for robustness.

Coir is actually the fibre from the husk of the coconut. The husk is first soaked in fresh water for several months and then beaten to soften the cellulose fibres. Because these fibres are short and hard, they are spun by hand rather than by a machine. This hard ‘yarn’ is then used to make doormats, ropes, sacks and floor coverings.

Coir has a unique texture which produces a warm look that can’t be achieved with modern synthetic materials.


WA Coir Matting is made from a superior quality coir. These coir mats can be used in all areas of the Commercial World from offices, schools, shops, etc

Available in two widths - ( either 100cm or 200cm ),  as well as two heights - ( 17mm & 23mm )

Can be further cut with a Stanley knife to get the perfect fit.

Heavy duty PVC base to keep the mat from moving.