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The Art Collection celebrates modern design at its best. These modern designs were inspired by 20th century decorative art , drawing inspiration from the Art Deco and abstract expressionism . All carpets from the Art Collection are handmade on a tibetan weave with the finest quality premium wool & bamboo-silk. The heirloom quality of traditional tibetan weave has taken the oriental rug market with a storm. The unique knotting method of the tibetan weave allows the weaver to make a denser knot. This unique method, combined with high quality hand spun wool and silk, renders a remarkable artistic expression. The Art collection features contemporary designs and colour combinations. Custom made solutions are also available.



The art of Tibetan carpet making is ancient. This traditional craft dates back to the 7th century AD. When the chinese red army invaded Tibet in 1959. The Dalai Lama and his retinue fled Tibet crossing into Assam, India. Nearly 80.000 Tibetans followed suit and left Tibet, settling in India and Nepal. The artisans among these refugees started setting rug workshops in their camps, thus the Indo-Tibetan carpet was born. The tibetan weave has since spread througout India and Nepal. This style of knotting renders an organic feel to the carpet and is very suitable for contemporary designs.


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Designs inspired by 20th century decorative art


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